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Welcome to CMN 6110!

Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict (CMN 6110) examines common problems with organization meetings and introduces intervention techniques that can be employed to reduce the tensions associated with such interaction. We'll discuss methods used for evaluating individual members in meeting contexts. A central part of the course involves participation in and evaluation of meeting interaction.

In other words,

we'll learn tips and techniques for how to engage teams in a virtual world.  Whether it's Zoom or Teams or another communication platform, we'll cover how to motivate people (from afar) to increase your team's success!

*  *  *

This new Wix site is meant as a general introduction to the CMN 6110 class, for those students who want to take a sneak preview before the course becomes officially available on Canvas. 

Some students might appreciate a little extra time to take care of housekeeping/administrative items ahead of the class start date. This is all totally optional at this stage.

If you'd like to get a head-start, please click on the heading "Checklist Before Class."

*The site is still very much under construction! Please excuse the formatting.


Meet Michael Wilkinson, author of our  textbook, Secrets of Facilitation. 

He recently met virtually with me, providing a fantastic overview of the book and offering several important lessons about leadership.

Click the video above! 

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