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Deb Colameta, M.Sc. 

Office Location/VirtualOffice Hours: Students can expect to receive an email response from me within 24-48 hours, especially during the business week. 

As a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master's degree in Organizational Communication, I practice what I preach. 

I have taken what I learned in the classrooms of Northeastern and used it as a catalyst for my career as a global communications manager for an international health care company.  In less than two years, I grew the company’s virtual communications platform from just 10 video devices to over 520 units worldwide, a $4 million USD global investment. I have extensive experience coaching colleagues on best practices for virtual communication in order to maximize return on investment.  With nearly 20 years of experience working in the communications field, my career has also included roles in TV, radio, and government.  

After taking the Meeting Management course myself, I realized that mastering this niche within the organizational communications field can make any employee a top commodity. Meetings are a huge capital drain on companies and people. Time is the new money. Knowing how to improve the value of meetings in turn improves my value to the company. I look forward to teaching you more about the techniques that this Meeting Management course taught me and sharing my experiences gained as a professional communicator.

Click here to view Northeastern University's interview series with me related to Blackboard Assessments.


Voted #1 presentation by colleagues at the college-wide faculty conference

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