Academic Integrity Policy

All CPS students must be conversant with the university's academic integrity policy, which is described at

As part of the Week 1 assignments, students will review this excellent interactive tutorial developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus on modules 2, 3, and 4 (links listed in the Week 1 Materials).  

It will take you about an hour, but it's a highly worthwhile exercise and there will be an open book quiz due at the end of Week 1.


In Northeastern’s graduate organizational communication courses, we require students to use APA guidelines for citing sources. 

Why is proper citation important? It signals that every student is an active and informed participant in the College’s academic community.  It enables instructors to understand how sources are used to support perspectives and conclusions. And it forms the basis for ethical communication practices that are expected in a professional career in communications or any other field.


For these reasons, lack of proper APA citation will NOT be tolerated. Students are responsible for learning how to use proper APA citation. To do so, students can review APA guidelines on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website, or by making an appointment with the International Tutoring Center or the Writing Center.  

Failure to use APA guidelines to document sources will result in grade deductions as indicated in the Writing Quality Rubric. For a pattern of careless citation errors, the maximum possible grade a student can earn on that particular assignment is 70% of the total possible points. For instances of plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration with another student, or submitting work from a prior course, the maximum possible grade a student can earn on that particular assignment is 50%, as well as possible referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.